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Text "911" Now Available in Park County.

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Latest Information...

  • To find the current fire restrictions in your area of Park County call (719) 836-4160

  • To get a new burn permit or renew a burn permit from previous year, please click

  • Jefferson-Como has issued a request for proposal for a new addition to Station 5, for more information click [here]​​​

  • Thank you for making the effort to make your property fire safe. The Receipt for Fire Mitigation Survey Impact Fee form can be found under the "Resources" tab. The fee is $250 for new home construction, new addition, a new garage or a new deck foundation.​

  • For information about the Como Shooting Range please visit the CPW Website for more information. Open to both lead and full metal jacketed ammunition. No exploding ordinances, no tracer rounds, no tannerite targets, no glass bottles allowed. All [range rules] must be followed.

To combat the spread of the Covid-19 virus, JCFPD has taken measures to ensure the safety of our community and the first responders who serve it.

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