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Burn Permits

When a Burn Ban is in Effect:

Please note: When the district is under a burn ban, although you can still register for a burn permit (which is valid until Dec 31), you will not be able to burn during an active "Burn Ban." This includes all open flame fires, charcoal grills, campfires, etc. You may however use propane fueled grills and fire pits which can be shut off with a valve. You do not need a burn permit for the use of propane sources.

Burn Permits: Getting Started

The online burn permits system is available to obtain a burn permit.  This process will be a more efficient way to inform JCFPD of burns within the District and will be more convenient for users.

  • Go to and click "Create Account"
  • Complete the requested information
  • A Google Maps will ask you to confirm your location once you've entered your address
  • You can pay the $10 fee online or you can pay in person at the District Office (Station No. 5) via cash or check
  • Once your permit is paid for and approved, you can call 1-833-935-1189 to register your burn.  This number will also give you risk level and burn ban status. Press 1 or follow the steps outlined on the phone system from there. Your burn will be registered once you hear: “Thank you, your response has been registered. Have a nice day!” 

If you do not have a computer or internet, please stop by Station No. 5 and someone will be happy to walk you through the process.


Can I call in using a different phone than the one I registered for my account? 

​Yes. However, when prompted by the auto-attendant, be sure to insert the telephone number associated to your account. You can add additional phone numbers to your account via the website. If you login, My Profile will appear at the top of the page. Select My Profile and add your other phone number to your account.

How long is my burn registered for after I call into the phone system? 

​Burns will be registered for a 24-hour period. There will be no need to call again within the 24-hour period to register.

How many fires can I burn with the activation of my permit? 

​You may burn 1 (one) fire at any given time. This fire must be monitored at all times while it is being burned.​

​I call the appropriate phone number but the system will not recognize my number. What can I do? 

​Ensure that you are entering the registered 10-digit phone number that you used when applying for your permit. If successful, the phone system will tell you the current risk level and will ask you if you are intending to burn at a specific address. Press 1 or follow the steps outlined on the phone system from there. Your burn will be registered once you hear: “Thank you, your response has been registered. Have a nice day!”​

​Step-by-Step Instructions

What is Open Burning?

Any ember emitting, non-LPG outdoor fire, such as:

  • Campfires
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Outdoor wood-burning fire pits
  • Charcoal grills
Four types of outdoor fire features: campfire, fireplace, fire pit, and charcoal grill.

No slash burning is allowed May 1st - September 30th regardless of snow.


JCFPD Stage I & II Fire Restriction Guidelines

  • Please call Park County Communications for additional fire restriction information 719-836-4160

​House Bill 18-1051

  • Promote Extinguishment of Unattended Fire

​Park County Open Fire and Open Burning Restriction Ordinance No. 19-01

​Stage 1 Open Fire/Open Burn Ban Visual Aid​Park County Burn Ban Rules


If the red flag is flying beneath "Old Glory" at Station No. 5 on CR 15/Elkhorn, a burn ban is in effect (which also means no campfires).

​Jefferson-Como Fire Protection District may impose stricter restrictions than a Park County burn ban. Please call before you burn!