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Why does Jefferson-Como Fire go into a Burn Ban?

Updated: January 1st, 2024

Jefferson-Como Fire understands the frustrations of property owners who would like to burn this summer. Many of our firefighters live in district and share in this frustration. People live here to enjoy the outdoors and that often includes having a campfire or helping to clear your property of slash. Although the district has received a good amount of rain recently, there are other factors that outweigh this moisture.

Criteria used to determine when these conditions are initiated include weather, fuel moisture, cooperator status, local and regional fire activity and national preparedness levels (which influences suppression aircraft availability). When predetermined criteria are met the appropriate condition is implemented.

The response to COVID-19 is straining state, local, and federal resources. Large wildfires require an inter-agency response that relies on local, state, and federal cooperation and coordination. Given the current strain on government resources due to COVID-19, any wildfire response would be diminished, which risks enabling a fire to grow and spread, which in turn requires even more resources for firefighting. Given the State’s need to focus on COVID-19 mitigation efforts, it is imperative that the State takes every action to reduce the risk of wildfire.

So, although it has been raining, it has not been sufficient to increase fuel moisture and the outlook for the weather is hot and dry going into the end of summer. 

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have further questions, please call Station 5 at 719-836-2082 to speak to one of our firefighters.

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